4 Fascinating facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is a popular material in the world of eco-friendly living.  But what has it done to deserve such prominence in the market?

Here are four facts that you may not know about bamboo that are just some of reasons why it is adored in the eco-friendly community.

It grows REALLY fast

One of the qualities of bamboo that makes it so sustainable is that it grows quickly.  This means that it can regenerate itself without the need for years of watering and nurturing.

If you want to know the specifics, then bamboo can grow at a rate of 1 metre a day.  That works out at 4cm an hour.  That’s almost quick enough for you to watch it grow.

Super strong

Another property of bamboo that makes it an attractive material, particularly in the construction industry, is that it is incredibly strong.

Tests have shown that it is at least as strong as its hardwood counterparts and could even be as strong as steel.  When you combine that with its low weight, it is no surprise that it is being used more and more in building.

Absorbs high levels of CO2

It turns out that bamboo is not only a fantastic material once it is fully grown, but it also helps us out whilst it is still growing too.

Compared to other plants and grasses, bamboo consumes up to 5 times more carbon dioxide.  Bamboo is helping us fight climate change AND plastic pollution.

Naturally pest resistant

We now know that bamboo is a fantastic material to grow, but it is also a farmer’s dream crop.  Thanks to its naturally pest resistant properties it requires no chemicals to help it grow.

With a sprinkling of water and a few days to get up to a good height, you can have a good quality crop of bamboo.  Plus, you can trim it down and it will start growing all over again.

Bamboo: the wonder plant

This barely touches the surface of how magnificent bamboo is.  It has many more wonderful properties that we will let you discover for yourself or maybe we will write another post about it one day.

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