3 Must-haves for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

There are so many great eco-friendly switches that you can make in your kitchen.  That is why it makes an excellent starting point for anyone looking to change their lives.

Whatever your budget or motivations, you can find items in your kitchen that can be seamlessly switched to sustainable alternatives.  Here are some of our favourites:

Reusable straws

Such a simple switch and one that will both save you money and from the worry of running out ever again.  Reusable straws have seen a lot of press coverage and with good reason, they are a cheap and easy way to do your bit to stop plastic pollution.

You have options too.  You can go for metal, bamboo or metal and plastic.  Plus, there are all sorts of colours to choose from.  You’ll be able to match you straw to your drink.

Storage jars

Stop using foil and plastic wraps for storing your food.  They are wasteful and damaging to the planet.  Instead, rinse out your jars or purchase some new ones.

Jars can be used to protect your food when you take it to work and to store dry, fresh, or frozen food at home.  They are wonderfully diverse.

Silicone cake molds

One of my favourite switches are silicone cake molds.  No longer do you need to buy and then immediately throw away paper cake cases.

These fantastic little inventions can be purchased in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of whatever baking creation you are working on.  Once you have eaten the cake, all you need to do is wash out the case and then you are ready to bake all over again.

Do not stop there

The kitchen is full of potential to help you make the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Think about each item you use and see if you can find a solution in our shop to make it more eco-friendly.

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