An Eco-Friendly Guide to Cooking

There is a real joy that comes with creating your own food.  You don’t have to be an amazing chef to create delicious meals and what’s more is that you can do so in a sustainable way.

You might be thinking that cooking is a necessity, so how can I make it eco-friendly?  Well, we have some ideas.  Check them out.

Optimise your energy use

We have all had those moments when we are cooking a meal and it feels like you are using every appliance.  You’ve got the oven on, a few pots on the stove, the kettle and maybe a blender too.

Thinking ahead and planning your usage can really help.  For example, could you cook multiple meals in the oven at once?  Or use a stacked steamer for cooking vegetables rather than separate pots?

Minimise food waste

It is estimated that 30-40% of all food is wasted in the USA.  That is a huge amount, but we can act to make sure that we are not part of the problem.

Meal planning is a good way to manage this.  Plan what you are going to eat for the next week and only buy those items.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to get creative either.  Potato peel chips anyone?

Use bamboo tools

The amount of plastic we use in our kitchens is a little bit ridiculous.  And who can honestly say that they are going to keep those spatulas forever?

Next time you go to buy more cooking tools opt for bamboo ones instead.  That way you won’t feel quite so guilty when you need to replace them in the future.  Plus, they are lightweight and beautiful.

Guilt-free cooking

Well at least in the eco-friendly sense.  You’ll love making meals for you and your family knowing that you have done your best to save the planet in the process.

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