What to pack for an Eco-Friendly Picnic?

The sun is out, and you want to head outdoors for a bit of alfresco dining.  Well lucky for you, you can make it an eco-friendly one by packaging all your favourite accessories.

Grab your favourite foods, a picnic blanket, and the items below and head out for an afternoon of sunshine and nature.

Stainless steel containers

One of the best ways to protect your food and keep it fresh is in a stainless-steel box.  This is a must have if you are taking out soft foods that might get squashed otherwise.

Even if you are just heading out with the kids, they work fantastically well for carrot sticks and a serving of houmous.

Reusable straw and glass jars

A picnic is not an excuse to use disposable drinks cups and straws.  Plus, you can look extra fancy by taking a couple of glass jars and some reusable straws with you.

Just add your homemade lemonade when you get there and then sip a refreshing beverage knowing that you have done a good thing for Planet Earth.

Bamboo cutlery

Just like with the cups and the straws, don’t go for disposable cutlery.  Take your bamboo cutlery with you.

Not only are they saving all that plastic waste, but they are super lightweight too.  Much lighter than just grabbing your stainless steel set out of the kitchen drawer.

Water bottle

Hydration is important!  You don’t want to get caught out after a day in the sun and find yourself heading to the shops for bottle of water.

Take your water bottle with you and make sure that you have enough to go round.  There is no harm in keeping extras in the back of the car either.

The perfect eco-friendly picnic

Now you are all set for an environmentally friendly meal in the park or at the beach.  You’ll be able to relax knowing that you are creating zero waste.

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