5 Clever Eco-Friendly Food Storage solutions

Food storage is a big one.  Think of the foil, plastic wrap, and Ziploc bags that end up in landfill.  A few swaps though and you could be living the zero-waste dream.

Silicone food covers

These excellent little inventions are one of our favourite eco-friendly items when it comes to storing food.  Washable, reusable silicone covers that can be stretched over bowls, plates and even fruit.

They come in all shapes and sizes so you will always be able to find one to suit you.  Then when you are done, you rinse off and save for next time.


The ultimate sustainable hack is to keep more food in jars.  Plus, they are a must have if you use zero-waste food shops for buying goods.

Either rinse and use old ones or buy yourself a fancy set that you are happy to display in your kitchen.  Remember, you can freeze food in jars too, but it is good to use straight sided jars to avoid breakage.

Bees wax/vegan wax wraps

The original bees wax wraps can now be purchased in a vegan-friendly variety which makes us love this product even more.

Simply a piece of cotton fabric dipped in wax, this clever little solution can then be wrapped around food to be stored or to be taken to school or work for lunch.  Rinse under the tap and use again later.

Stainless steel lunch boxes

If you are a fan of leftovers for lunch, then you need one of these.  You can pack these boxes up the night before and then grab it out of the fridge in the morning.

They keep your food wonderfully fresh and they look much smarter than a brown paper bag or your kid’s Marvel lunchbox.

Bamboo food basket

This is perfect for picnics or as an alternative to a fruit bowl.  Made from bamboo and with a neat dustproof cover, you won’t need to worry about protecting your food when it is left out.

Some foods do much better at room temperature too, like bananas and apples, so use this to protect them and leave them on the side for everyone to admire.

What are your favourite eco-friendly food storage solutions?

Are you a hoarder of jars or old Tupperware?  Or do you have nests of storage containers for every occasion?

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